Action Alert

If you live in Fairfax County – we need you to email your County Supervisor NOW asking to appeal the BZA decision.

Below is a sample email. Copy and paste with your name and home address or modify as you choose. Live in a different district than Hunter Mill? Check here to find your District Supervisor’s email:


Subject: Allow an Appeal of the BZA Decision regarding Reston National Golf Course

Dear Supervisor Hudgins,

I am writing to request that you authorize the County Attorney to appeal to the Circuit Court the BZA’s April 15, 2015, decision in Appeal Application A 2012-HM-020, RN Golf Management, LLC, Tax Map Ref Nos. 17-4 ((11))4A, 26-1((2))8 and 26-1((5))4. This appeal involved the Reston National Golf Course property.

The BZA’s decision was legally and factually wrong and needs to be appealed to the Court. It patently disregarded the approved development plans for the Reston National Golf Course, as well as the adopted Reston Master Plan and the County’s Comprehensive Plan, all of which only allow golf course and open space uses of the golf course property. Because of the findings and conclusions made by the BZA in conjunction with its decision, including some that the BZA failed to even put in its decision motion, it is patently obvious that the legislatively-approved RPC development plans for the property, certified by the Zoning Administrator as the final approved plans, were disregarded by the BZA. Letting the BZA ruling stand unchallenged will disadvantage, now and in the future, the County and the Reston community from being able to regulate and control redevelopment requests for the 166-acre golf course property and potentially other properties in Reston within the RPC/PRC District. The BZA’s ruling also could negatively impact other properties across the County in any situation in which the zoning staff was unable to locate pertinent County records in what the BZA determined was a “timely” manner.

The BZA’s decision needs to be challenged in the Circuit Court.


(your name)
(your home address)

cc: Honorable Sharon Bulova

County requests clarification from BZA

In preparation for a potential appeal, the Fairfax County Zoning Administrator has formally requested a clarification of the vague April 15, 2015 BZA determination on the status of Reston National Golf Course. Copies were sent to attorneys for Fairfax County, Reston Association and Rescue Reston. You can read it here.

Rescue Reston Board of Directors Recommends That RA Members Vote Yes in Tetra Referendum

Tetra Property - View of Lake Newport

Rescue Reston has a focused mission statement of opposing redevelopment of Reston National Golf Course into residential housing or any site development other than a golf course or comparable open space.

Our Board sees important parallels between defending the golf course property and the opportunity to purchase the 3.47 acre Tetra property (formerly the Reston Visitor’s Center). At stake is our control of open space and development in Reston. The Rescue Reston Board of Directors therefore recommends that Restonians vote yes in the Tetra Referendum, which is open for voting until 5 p.m. on Friday, May 8, 2015 (link to information and voting: Tetra Property Purchase).

All seven Rescue Reston board members are Reston Association members. Our own households have voted yes on the referendum.  This is a rare opportunity to put this property under the ownership of our homeowner’s association, to serve our interests, and remove the potential for an unknown developer entity to commercially develop the site.
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It ain’t over

Thank you to the over 6,000 petitioners (both online and on paper) whose support will continue to be important. Please stay tuned at for future updates as we move into the next phase of this land use battle.

This does not end today.

Local TV Coverage of the April 15 BZA Decision

The three major networks covered the story today:

Statement from Rescue Reston’s David Burns Regarding the Outcome of Today’s Board of Zoning Appeals Hearing

RE: RN GOLF MANAGEMENT, LLC, application #A 2012-HM-020 under sect(s). 18-301 of the Zoning Ordinance.
David Burns, Board Member

Rescue Reston is disappointed that the BZA has seen fit to overrule portions of the decision of the Zoning Administrator and we will carefully consider appealing this decision to the Circuit Court. We believe the BZA has ignored not only the law and the property rights of the thousands who own property adjacent to the golf course, but also the will of the more than 6,000 supporters of Rescue Reston, and the thousands more members of the Reston Association, who respect the Reston Master Plan and oppose development of the golf course. We thank our supporters, including the hundreds who attended the hearing in January to help present the community’s views, and will continue to work with you to overturn this BZA decision. This does not end today.

Attorneys at Work


Rescue Reston Attorney Randy Greehan submitted RR’s response to RNGC’s submission of April 1.

Following the January 21 BZA Hearing, attorneys for all parties involved were given a chance to submit additional information prior to the April 15 BZA meeting. Attorneys had until April 1 to submit documents to the BZA. Now the attorneys have until April 7 to file responses to each other’s April 1 filings.

Below are links to the letter and exhibits submitted by Rescue Reston’s attorney.

Here are links to the other filings:

Statement Regarding the Outcome of Today’s Board of Zoning Appeals Hearing

RE: RN GOLF MANAGEMENT, LLC, application #A 2012-HM-020 under sect(s). 18-301 of the Zoning Ordinance.

David Burns, Board Member & VP Legal Affairs: “Rescue Reston is optimistic that after the BZA has fully considered the record presented at today’s hearing it will uphold the decision of the Zoning Administrator to maintain the Reston National Golf Course as open space. We thank the supporters who attended the hearing to help present the community’s views as well as over 5,300 petitioners. We also thank the Reston Association for fighting on behalf of its members for open space. Our members look forward to a positive outcome, and to being able to continue to enjoy the golf course as an integral part of our community.”

For Interviews CONTACT:
Connie Hartke, President, Rescue Reston 571-205-8874
David Burns, VP – Legal Affairs, Rescue Reston 703-581-5280

Letter from Rescue Reston’s Attorney to the BZA

You may want to familiarize yourself with Rescue Reston attorney’s letter to the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA). If you opt to speak at the hearing, you do not need to talk about the legal arguments – our attorneys have that covered. It’s more important that you speak about how the redevelopment of the golf course would affect you financially and personally.

Below are links to the letter and the exhibits listed in the letter. These are separate files because some of the files are quite large. Exhibits 9 and 10 contain the details of the argument from 2012.